Build Warranty and Oasis Group Establish Partnership To Deliver New Green Warehouse

Build warranty technical services are set to begin works on the Oasis group’s speculative new 108,973 square-foot green warehouse at DP World London Gateway’s port-centric Logistics Park. Our structural engineering team will start from early 2023 and scheduled to be completed by October next year. 

We are proud to be part of the company’s expansion in the UK and European markets as they continue to experience a rise in demand for their information management services.

The group appointed Build Warranty Technical Services to act as client agents in the structural aspect of the project, from the finer points to the large-scale plans. These plans must consider the need for net zero carbon emissions at each of the three phases of the project; the pre-construction, shell construction, and fit-out stage.

According to the World Green Building Council’s (WGBC) Advancing Net Zero endeavor, all new buildings must be capable of operating at net zero carbon by the year 2030. With this timeline in place, developers are expecting our structural team to assist them in attaining this significant aim.

Like all other warehouses at London Gateway, the Oasis Group’s new state-of-the-art facility will have a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ classification, with a target to deliver a 30% carbon reduction during construction and a 40% reduction in operational carbon emissions. A worldwide environmental performance method for buildings, which sets ambitious standards that are is designed to maximize sustainability and minimize environmental impact.

To achieve BREEAM certification, warehouses must meet standards, such as improved thermal efficiency and air-tight building structures, which in turn will create a healthier atmosphere and better air quality.

In the development phase, initiatives to reduce carbon emissions incorporate making use of sand dredged from the Thames during the port’s pre-construction to increase the ground level by two meters in the park and utilizing steel PFC beams instead of concrete ground beams. These PFC beams are a highly sustainable building material, often made of recycled steel, and they can be reused or recycled at the conclusion of their usable life. This kind of product is beneficial in meeting the criteria for BREEAM standards.

In addition, all environmental sustainability practices were considered for the design. This included utilizing 35% recycled aluminum for the glazing, incorporating 20-44% recycled flooring, integrating a rainwater harvesting system, incorporating solar photovoltaics to heat water, installing air source heat pumps to heat up office and welfare rooms, and featuring components such as a Sustainable Urban Drainage System and energy-efficient outdoor lighting.

During the fit-out phase, we will work with our client to achieve a flexible, and well-connected space, by designing a fully optimized racking system with a 21m clear internal height.

By adopting these measures, the developers are pioneering in sustainability and setting a precedent for the construction, manufacturing, and logistic companies to rapidly act towards a better future.

We anticipate collaborating on this stimulating venture and aiding our customers to fabricate a forward-thinking facility that will allow them to keep delivering an exceptional service to their customers.

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